This is Articulation.

The world has moved beyond advertising.

We stand for understanding.

For getting audiences seeking to be truly gotten.

For validating values and embracing vulnerabilities.

Evolving not only to meet, but to make each moment.

Because brands are living, breathing things.

Never. Ever. Static.

Simultaneously stretching through structure and serendipity.

Delivering a sense of belonging to open- and like-minds.

A tingly rush as neurons soak in new and familiar nuances.

Each of us is vividly surrounded by and immersed within epic stories in the making.

We weave the single threads together.

Stitching a collective tapestry of learnings.

This is the act of combining, clarifying, and cultivating culture.

This is strategy and creativity melding and manifesting thoughts into things with meaningful impact.

This is beyond advertising.

This is the transition between an idea and how it lives in the world.

This is articulation.

Jen Hohn

Jen Hohn is Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Articulation. Speaker / Article Contributor for 99U, Muse by Clio, The 3% Conference, The Egotist Network, Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post.