New Times. New Agency.

Longtime Colorado Ad Pros Launch Women-Owned Advertising Agency During the Pandemic

DENVER, CO – January 11, 2021 – Longtime Denver advertising pros, Jennifer Hohn and Cassie Augustine, just announced the launch of a new Colorado-based advertising agency. The boutique agency, dubbed Articulation, was created to provide brands with better processes, pricing and outcomes.

The launch comes at a time when many traditional, holding-company-owned agencies are experiencing a shake up, with brands seeking more effective, faster and cheaper advertising solutions due to economic changes during the pandemic.  

Articulation Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Augustine noted,

“The advertising industry has been in flux for several years. CMOs are no longer interested in the huge costs and long timelines of old-school agencies. They’re looking for fresh thinking without having to wade through layers of junior staffers or navigate fragile creative egos. Growing a brand right now demands interesting work—that actually works.”

Hohn and Augustine have award-winning experience working on some of the most recognized brands in the country. Their client list includes Intel, Guinness, The American Heart Association, Four Seasons Hotels, Dairy Queen, Kaiser Permanente, HP and many more. One mission of the new agency is to make premier-level strategy and creativity that was previously only accessible to brands with seven-figure budgets available to start-ups and mid-sized companies looking to grow or evolve.

When asked about what makes Articulation different, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Hohn responded,

“Everything we do is designed specifically to appeal to the humans on the other end—translating business initiatives into things people want to connect with. We’ve learned an enormous amount about what brands really need (and what they truly don’t) by working on a huge variety of products and services in our careers. With equal parts strategy and creativity, we craft creative ideas for any budget and collaborate beautifully with internal marketing and design teams to get impactful outcomes.”

Launching a company in the midst of a pandemic takes courage, and to this Augustine says,

“With so many marketing teams needing to do way more with way less, now is the perfect time to offer financially accessible top-shelf advertising services. Out of great disruption often comes great opportunity. We’re focused on being one of the bright stories to emerge from a dark time.”


Articulation is a full-service advertising agency that drives brand growth. Capabilities include foundational elements such as positioning and visual branding, all the way through sales and awareness executions like digital campaigns and television spots. To learn more, visit To work with Articulation contact Cassie Augustine at (303) 913-5235 or

Cassie Augustine

Cassie Augustine is Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Articulation. SxSW Presenter: "Unapologetic Women Win Meetings in Jeans." Colorado Biz/GenXYZ Top 25 Young Professional. Speaker / Article Contributor for Fitness and Advertising Industries.